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    Barry & Sargent Optometrists Wellington

    1st Floor, 18 Willis Street, Wellington Central Wellington 6011 New Zealand

    At Barry & Sargent Optometrists, we take time to listen and provide a thorough examination of all aspects of your vision and eye health to find the best vision solution for you. We offer a full range of specialty optometry services and use the latest technology to provide expert advice on the best vision solutions for you.


    McClellan Grimmer Edgar Optometrists

    77 Customhouse Quay, Wellington Central Wellington 6011 New Zealand

    At McClellan Grimmer Edgar we have a genuine passion for our profession. Over the years we have embraced the changes that have presented themselves in our field. When optometrists were given statute permission to use drugs to dilate the pupil to facilitate a better view of the back of the eye - we were there.


    Sercombe and Matheson Opticians - Kiwi Wealth House

    108 Featherston Street, Kiwi Wealth House, Wellington Central Wellington 6011 New Zealand

    Looking for good optometrists in Central Wellington? We think we can help. We're an independent, boutique, stand-alone optometry practice near Parliament. Our team is made up of ten friendly and hardworking individuals who think that seeing well is important and that eyes are worth looking after. More than half of the team (including directors Roger Sercombe and Anne Matheson) are registered health professionals (either optometrists or dispensing opticians) so our education and expertise levels are high. We've also got a volunteer firefighter and an early childhood teacher so we're good in a crisis. Our independent status means we offer unrestricted choice when it comes to spectacle lenses, contact lenses and frames. We buy frames that we like and that suit our clients and we have an emphasis on quality European brands. We have our own workshop which means we can put lenses into frames and do repairs on-site, quickly. Three optometrists mean you can usually have an appointment today. and two dispensing opticians mean that the person giving you lens advice is qualified to do so.


    Woodward Optical Ltd

    5 Woodward Street, Wellington Central Wellington 6011 New Zealand

    Woodward Optical’s approach to eyewear ensures that your frames suit you and your lifestyle; our fully qualified and experienced professionals will take time to find frames that are a perfect fit. Woodward Optical uses only the best lens options and the latest technology available. We understand that everyone’s optical needs are unique and we work with you to personalise your lenses for your own individual requirements. Because you deserve to look great, see great, and feel great.

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