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    Mark Hinds Optometrists

    Suite 2, 53 Commercial Road, Teneriffe QLD 4005 Australia

    Mark Hinds Optometrists is an independent owned and operated Optometry Practice. We are here to give you the personal experience that everyone who gives us the opportunity to look after their vision needs deserves. We offer complete eyecare for spectacles, contact lenses, specialty / complex contact lenses, paediatric optometry /children’s vision, binocular vision issues and all areas of eye health. We have state of the art testing equipment for early detection of ocular pathology, use specialist contact lens evaluation technology and lenses. Although we see many patients for keratonus, post corneal grafts, severe dry eye, corneal ectasia - we do more than just the very complex cases and complex contact lens fitting! Our myopia control clinic is state of the art with Zeiss IOL Master and OCT biometry for measuring the axial length of the eye for our ortho-k kids. Is your child's or your myopia getting worse? There are treatments available and accurate measurements to monitor treatment success. Our practice continues to direct bill examinations to Medicare where possible.

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