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    Dwyer and Ross Optometrists

    266 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019 Australia

    We believe in what we do as eye care professionals. That's why for almost 60 years, Dwyer & Ross Optometrists have been one of the most respected, largest optometric practices on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Our optometrists, Dennis Dwyer and Murray Ross, take the time to complete a thorough and detailed eye examination, where your eye care needs are fully assessed. We invest in the latest technology which allows us to provide a full range of optometric services. We believe that each individual requires a unique eyewear solution and that our independence allows us to offer you the widest range of choices. We deliver innovative, premium products, backed by our unique guarantee. Our dedicated and caring team are well qualified and passionate about providing care to complement our optometrists. We believe you deserve nothing less!

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