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Welcome to Activ Therapy Sans Souci. We are your local provider for physiotherapy and chiropractic services for Sans Souci, Ramsgate and Dolls Point. We offer treatment using hands on techniques to get fast results and specific corrective exercise to achieve lasting change. Our approach is to identify the underlying cause the pain rather than treating only the symptoms so not only will you feel better immediately but we will provide you with lasting solutions for the long term. We treat a range of conditions including, rotator cuff injuries, lower back pain and sciatica, knee mensicus and patella disorders, whiplash and neck strain, hip impingement and post sugery rehabilitation. Our key area of treatment is the assessment and correction of biomechanical imblalances that underping a lot of the muscle and joint pains that are common. We also provide assessment and treatment for all age groups including children, pensioners, athletes and workers. Our clinic offers treatment under all private health funds as well as enhanced primary care under medicare (EPC), department of veteran affairs, workers compensation, NDIS and compulsory third party. ? Contact us and chat to a team member today about how we can help you.

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