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    Podiatrists in NSW

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    Foot HQ Podiatry

    Suite 1/28-30, Urunga Parade, Miranda NSW 2228 Australia

    Foot HQ Podiatry are specialists of the Foot and Lower Limb. We offer evidence-based treatment for our clients and focus on a patient-centred approach. Our main goal is to reduce pain levels and improve quality of life, to allow our clients to continue performing daily activities whilst increasing functionality. Not only do we treat the symptoms but we get to the root factors contributing to the pain. Through a detailed history and analysis via dynamic functional assessment we are able to work together as a team (client and practitioner) to figure a plan together on how to move forward.

    Podiatrists in SA

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    Mawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic

    Mawson Lakes Specialist Centre, Level 1, 1 Main Street, Mawson Lakes SA 5095 Australia

    Located in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide SA. The focus of Mawson Lakes Podiatry Clinic is to provide foot care to the local residential and business community.

    Podiatrists in VIC

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    Perform Podiatry

    Shop 1, 320 Epsom Road, Flemington VIC 3031 Australia

    Located in Flemington, Melbourne VIC. Perform Podiatry is committed to delivering high quality podiatry health care to our patients. Our podiatrist Jason Dunn achieves the best results by working with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that meets your needs and allows you to get back to living your life the way you want.


    Podiatry Prahran

    139 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181 Australia

    Located in Prahran, Melbourne VIC. Podiatry Clinics Melbourne has been selected by many GPs to care for their patients in a clinic near you. We have been selected because of our podiatrists’ experience and care. We understand that when you have needs and want advice, our podiatrist can help you decide on appropriate care and treatment options. We treat every podiatry concern and condition. Trust is earned and many Doctors in Melbourne respect and trust Podiatry Clinics Melbourne by referring thousands of patients across Melbourne to the care of the podiatrists at Podiatry Clinics Melbourne.


    Strathmore Podiatry Clinic


    Located in Strathmore, Melbourne VIC. Strathmore Podiatry Clinic and Movement Solutions Podiatry are leading providers of podiatry services in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, with a team of highly qualified podiatrists and nurses dedicated to helping you solve your foot problems with first class treatment and care. From knee pain to nail care, we offer services that are tailored to each patient’s needs.

    Podiatrists in WA

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    Paul Spiccia

    152 Douglas Ave, South Perth WA 6151 Australia

    Located in Mount Pleasant, Perth WA. Footworx Sports & General Podiatry delivers podiatric services to clients of all ages for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and lower limb complaints. Our aim is to always provide individual specialist treatment to all clients so as they can walk, run and play without pain.

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