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Strathmore Podiatry Clinic

location icon logo 72 WOODLANDS STREET, STRATHMORE VIC 3041 Australia

About Us

Located in Strathmore, Melbourne VIC. Strathmore Podiatry Clinic and Movement Solutions Podiatry are leading providers of podiatry services in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, with a team of highly qualified podiatrists and nurses dedicated to helping you solve your foot problems with first class treatment and care. From knee pain to nail care, we offer services that are tailored to each patient’s needs. ...

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Our Services

- Children's Podiatry - Elderly Podiatry - Diabetes Treatment - Nail Care and Surgery - Corn and Callous Removal - Walking Disorders - Stress Fractures - Heel and Foot Pain - Lower leg Pain - Knee pain - Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation
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