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I am a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience in the field. I have worked in private practice in Chatswood since 1999. In addition to my psychology training, I have completed a Diploma in Sexual Health Counselling and a comprehensive one-year training course in Ellyn Bader’s Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. I am an accredited sexuality therapist and I am skilled in dealing with sexual functioning issues (low libido, orgasm difficulties, physical pain during sex, performance anxiety, ejaculation problems), the psychological repercussions associated with sexual and physical traumatic events, and compulsive sexual behaviours. I use a holistic approach which combines behavioural, interpersonal and mind-body therapies. I can help you to locate the underlying emotional and physical responses to a particular problem, working at a deep level with both mind and body in order to effect long-lasting change. I utilise my training in Inner Space Techniques - a form of meditative body-oriented therapy that helps to access these core emotional undercurrents within the body. I am also able to help you process and regulate your emotions, understand negative patterns of behaviour, develop better communication strategies and increase body awareness. I am experienced in working with a range of client presentations, including depression, anxiety, grief, stress and anger. As a relationship counsellor, I am able to support couples through all sorts of relationship issues, including infidelity, intimacy, arguments and communication problems. I have experience working with complex trauma, especially in the area of sexuality. I am guided by the principles of trauma-informed counselling practice and work towards creating safety; self-paced learning; and consolidating your progress. I start by creating a safe therapeutic space so that you feel physically and emotionally safe. My clinic room is located in a quiet inner courtyard sheltered from street noises and passing traffic. I facilitate bodily wellbeing with body-oriented methods to help you begin to feel safe in a bodily sense. You have control over the therapeutic process and are in charge of the pace of your healing and progress. To help you feel more stable, I provide “here and now” grounding techniques to generate centred connection within. Working on the trauma, I will validate your responses to the particular traumatic events you have experienced, such as the flight, fight & freeze responses, or triggers and flashbacks. Together we will develop tools and techniques to orient back to the present moment. By generating awareness of patterns of avoidant behaviour you can begin to address these, consolidate your strengths, develop self-care protocols, and build trust in yourself again. The combination of my skill sets allow me to offer a broad range of therapeutic methods and holistic interventions. You will see for yourself what prevents you from having the sex life you want. Your concerns are addressed from a psychological and body-oriented level where lasting changes can take place. ...

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Our team

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    Andrea Haas


    Please call Holistic Health Solutions on 0425218022 to book an appointment with Andrea Haas

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Wednesday:10:00 am - 08:00 pm

Friday:10:00 am - 08:00 pm

Saturday:09:00 am - 06:30 pm


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Chatswood NSW Australia

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Our Services

I am a registered psychologist and accredited sexuality therapist. I can offer you prompt appointments and skilled help in the following areas: -low libido, no sex drive, orgasm difficulties -desire discrepancy -emotional detachment, difficulties with intimacy -painful sex during intercourse, vaginismus -sexual difficulties related to gynaecological problems -premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation -performance anxiety, erection problems -sexuality and the aging body -physical, emotional & sexual abuse -sexual trauma (incest, rape, molestation) -compulsive sexual behaviour & desires
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