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Suite 6 10 Thomas Street , Noosaville QLD

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Over the course of my work life I have sought to develop my skills and knowledge so as to deliver a quality service. This has led to a diverse range of study. However the greatest source of learning has been my clients, whom I hold in the highest regard. Their needs have stimulated exploration of those tools that seemed to potentially provide them with the knowledge and skills to make change in their lives, with me as a catalyst. As a consequence, I have studied techniques that appeal to conscious mind process and unconscious mind process from which much of our behavior flows. The list of services below reflects to - some degree - the breadth of training and application of skills currently constituting my repertoire. These include: Counselling Critical Incident Debriefing Hypnotherapy Individual Counselling Personal Development Relationship Counselling Management Consulting Medico Legal Services and Reporting Vocational Assessment and Guidance

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