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    The Focal Point Optometrist

    Unit 4/184 Harborne Street, Wembley WA 6014 Australia

    At The Focal Point Optometrist we love to learn and have a passion to ensure that your child’s vision is allowing them to perform at their best in the classroom. Around 80% of learning within a classroom is visual and we believe that every child has a right to enjoy school and learning free of any undiagnosed vision conditions. Bernie Eastwood has a unique combination of qualifications that don’t stop with Optometry but extend to a Grad Dip of Education and experience as a full time classroom teacher. We are situated in Perth’s Northern suburbs and offer vision consultations for adults and children, vision processing testing and vision therapy. We have a large range of adults’ and children’s frames and latest technology lenses and contact lenses. You can discuss with us your concerns around how vision problems can impact reading and writing and how vision difficulties can sometimes co-exist with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorders.

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