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    96 Elgin Street, Carlton VIC 3053 Australia

    Practice Profile Description ABOUT PAULINE PEARSON Pauline Pearson is a mental health social worker and psychotherapist in Melbourne, Australia. Pauline brings to many years of clinical practice, a keen interest in developing ways to help people understand more about their emotional lives so they can feel better able to manage emotionally. She has a skill in simplifying the essence of complex theories, making them more accessible for the community. Pauline creates psychosocial models by bringing together understandings from a range of disciplines and information sources. In THE HOUSE WITHIN ( www.thehousewithin.com) she draws on her knowledge from a science degree, an interest in neuroscience, experience in psychoanalysis, training in psychology and an appreciation of the work of Dante’s Divine Comedy, to complement what she has learned by listening to the many people she works with in counselling and therapy, and her own experience of therapy. Pauline has worked at the University of Melbourne as both a counsellor, and seminar leader in the Bachelor of Social Work course. For many years she managed a large community counselling service in Melbourne. She has also taught counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and the Southern School of Natural Therapies. For the past 20 years, Pauline has been in private practice in Carlton, Melbourne. Her grandparents were migrants to Melbourne from the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily.

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    Pacific SWAE

    35 Garrong Road, Lakemba NSW 2195 Australia

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    Living Well Services Pty Ltd

    Suite 6, 23-25 Melrose, Sandringham VIC 3191 Australia

    Nothing is more important than your health and relationships. Specialist in: Women’s health Living with Endometriosis Relationships Stress management

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