How to Find and Book a Telehealth Service

To combat the spread of the coronavirus and to give the people of Australia access to healthcare without having to violate social distancing, the Australian Government has made telehealth available to all. With few exceptions, telehealth appointments are bulk billed. For most people, telehealth is a new service and technology they’re unfamiliar with, but finding and booking a telehealth appointment couldn’t be easier.

Finding a telehealth appointment

There are two ways you can search for telehealth appointments on MyHealth1st. If you navigate to, to the top left you will see a green box with the header “Telehealth is now available!”. 

There is a toggle at the bottom of the box labelled “Show only telehealth appointments”. By flipping that toggle on, you can search exclusively for telehealth appointments. Unlike physical appointments, you can book telehealth appointments with healthcare providers anywhere in Australia.

Say, for example, you want to book an appointment with a psychologist. Choosing a psychologist from the first drop-down menu brings up a second, option drop-down menu enabling you to further refine your search based on why you’re looking to see a psychologist.

You’re then presented with the choice of the soonest possible appointment or searching on a specific date.

If you don’t want to use the toggle every time you search for a telehealth appointment, bookmark , Australia’s leading telehealth portal.

Booking a telehealth appointment

Booking a telehealth appointment through MyHealth1st is almost identical to booking a face to face appointment with the only major difference coming with the confirmation email. 

Rather than the confirmation email containing the time and location of the booking, for telehealth appointments, the confirmation email will contain the time of the appointment and contact details for the appointment. With the fully integrated MyHealth1st telehealth service, you will receive an email with a link taking you to your appointment. The link in the email only goes live 10 minutes before the appointment is scheduled and is unique to you, ensuring that your appointment remains private. 

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