The next best thing to a dentist

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Pearlii | The next best thing to a dentist

All you need...

A Smartphone

A Mirror

10 Minutes

Effortless and Easy

  • Answer a few questions about your dental health
  • Take 5 photos of your teeth using the Pearlii app
  • Our AI then works its magic and your results are ready in seconds

Never miss a dental check-up again

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Pearlii FAQ's

Where can I download the Pearlii App?

For Android users, click here to access the Google Play Store.

For iOS users, click here to access the Apple Store.

What kind of phone do I need?

Pearlii is designed to support any smartphone with Android version 5.0 or later, and iPhone 5S or later.

How much does a check up cost?

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Pearlii dental check-up is free!

I am using the Pearlii app. Does that mean I don't have to go to the dentist anymore?

Pearlii does not replace a dentist. Dentist will always be the gold standard. If you have dental pain or discomfort, we urge you to visit a dental practice as soon as possible.

Having said that, we understand that a busy schedule, budget constraints and poor geographical access are some of the things that keep people from going to the dentist. We made Pearlii to help people during the times they can’t get to the dentist.

Note: Pearlii is NOT a diagnostic tool, it is a screening and educational tool.