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    Activ Therapy Liverpool

    198-199 Cnr Elizabeth St and George St Liverpool Westfields Shopping Centre, Liverpool NSW 2170 Australia

    Activ Therapy Liverpool Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy services in Liverpool for all muscle, tendon, joint and ligament conditions. Our Physiotherapist in Liverpool's goal is to treat the source of your pain and not just symptoms. We aim to pin point the dysfunction or underlying issues that led to your current symptoms by looking at the whole body and your history and seeking out the root cause. Our physiotherapists in Liverpool treat a range of conditions every day and approach every problem like your musculoskeletal GP. We identify the acute diagnosis (what structures are causing you pain now) as well as your underlying dysfunction (why are those structures causing pain). Common conditions treated every day by our physiotherapists are sciatica, lateral epicondylagia (tennis elbow), patello-femoral pain, ACL rehabiltiation, ankle sprains, hamstring tears, cervicogenic migraines, whiplash and chronic lower back pain. At your first consultation a thorough assessment will determine the cause of your problem and identify the specific treatment strategy that will work best for you. Our physiotherapists in Liverpool use some of the following techniques Active release techniques Dry needling Kinesiotape Sports taping Mulligans technique McConnells taping Trigger point therapy PNF stretching Mckenzie treamtent Joint manipulation Motor control retraining (SFMA protocols) Corrective exercise for biomechanical changes Sports performance retraining We teach self management techniques including stretches, mobility exercises, self release with foam rollers and with trigger point balls. We also perform casting for fracture management, gym based rehabilitation after work injury, whiplash after motor vehicle accident and post natal physiotherapy for abdominal diastisis Activ Therapy physiotherapists provide Liverpool residents with treatment under all major health schemes including all private health funds, workers compensation, compulsory third party, department of veteran affairs and medicare chronic disease care plans (bulk billed). Contact your Liverpool physiotherapist today and ask how physiotherapy can help you live a healthier and happier life.

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