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    Physiotherapists in Beverly Hills

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    Beverly Hills - Kingsgrove Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

    536 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Australia

    Beverly Hills - Kingsgrove Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

    536 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW 2209 Australia

    Physiotherapists in Campsie

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    Activ Therapy Clemton Park

    9/5 Mackinder Street, Campsie NSW 2194 Australia

    Activ Therapy Clemton Park will offer physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and exercise physiology all in one custom built clinic. We will be located opposite Coles in the brand new Clemton Park Shopping Village. We treat the source of your pain and not just the symptoms. By using hand on techniques as well as dry needling, kinesiology taping and targeted exercise prescription we achieve fast results and put a plan in place to get lasting relief. We provide physiotherapy and chiropractic services for Clemton Park, Earlwood, Kingsgrove, Roseland and Campsie.

    Physiotherapists in Casula

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    Activ Therapy Casula

    12 Ingham Drive, Casula(Opposite Casula Mall), Casula NSW 2170 Australia

    Welcome to Activ Therapy! We help people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond to remain healthy and continue to live a fulfilled life. By using our unique approach to find the root cause of your problem, we are able to tailor your treatment plan to get you long-term results, not just get rid of your symptoms. Are you sick of the ongoing pain that can affect your back, neck or shoulders at any time? Are you fed up with popping pain-killers every morning just to get through your day? Are you tired of going to GP’s just for them to tell you that it’s “just old age” (And you’re not even near your 50’s yet!!) It’s unfortunate (and scary) how many people share the same story: They’ve gone through so much and suffered unnecessarily for so long, believing that their pain would go away on its own. But it doesn’t. Then they go and see their doctor (who treats MEDICAL conditions, NOT muscular and joint injuries) who prescribes strong pain-killers and 4 weeks of rest. The pain goes away for a while (well Duh, that’s what pain-killers are meant to do…) but it always comes back… So they ask their friends and family for “advice” – just to be told that it’s “NORMAL” to feel aches and pains at their age and that it’s “just part of life” Does this sound like you at all? If it does, you’re not alone. And it’s NOT your fault. We hear this all too often in our clinics here at Activ Therapy. It’s sad to hear, but at the same time we are relieved that they have finally made their way to us. Most of the time we can improve things very quickly with our simple 3-Step approach: Find the exact cause of your problem using our experienced clinical skills Restore optimal function of your muscles and joints by using hands-on techniques Strengthen the affected areas to fix the problem for good.

    Physiotherapists in Chipping Norton

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    Activ Therapy Chipping Norton

    Shop 15/45 Barry Rd Chipping Norton Market Plaza, Chipping Norton NSW 2170 Australia

    Activ Therapy Chipping Norton is the suburbs leading provider in physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy. We service Chipping Norton, Warwick Farm, Lansvale, Moorebank, Milperra and Georges Hall and you will find us conveniently located inside Chipping Norton Market Plaza between ANZ Bank and Chipping Norton Medical Centre. Our clinic has 9 therapists working between Monday to Saturday and we offer both early and late appointments to cater for those that require it. All of our therapists have special interest in sports and musculoskeletal injury and rehabilitation and all offer a hands on approach to treatment. We provide effective pain relief and lasting results for common conditions including ankle sprain, lower back pain, migraines, rotator cuff injury, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow. Contact your therapist today and receive treatment that gets lasting results.

    Physiotherapists in Harrington Park

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    Activ Therapy Narellan

    22 Sharman Closenull, Harrington Park NSW 2567 Australia

    Activtherapy Narellan is conveniently located in Narellan Central Medical Centre. We provide Chiropractic and Physiotherapy to the Narellan, Mount Annan, Harrington Park, Camden and Macarthur regions. We help our patients manage their back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, scoliosis and arthritic pain. We also provide care to pregnant women, babies and children.At Activtherapy Narellan, we provide a holistic approach to your care. We also give you a recommended treatment plan to help you get the best results possible for your health complaint. We are part of a multi-disciplinary centre comprising of podiatry, massage, exercise physiology, acupuncture, psychology and medical doctors. To make an appointment with one of our experienced health professionals, contact us on 9822 7335.

    Physiotherapists in Liverpool

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    Activ Therapy Liverpool

    198-199 Cnr Elizabeth St and George St Liverpool Westfields Shopping Centre, Liverpool NSW 2170 Australia

    Activ Therapy Liverpool Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive range of physiotherapy services in Liverpool for all muscle, tendon, joint and ligament conditions. Our Physiotherapist in Liverpool's goal is to treat the source of your pain and not just symptoms. We aim to pin point the dysfunction or underlying issues that led to your current symptoms by looking at the whole body and your history and seeking out the root cause. Our physiotherapists in Liverpool treat a range of conditions every day and approach every problem like your musculoskeletal GP. We identify the acute diagnosis (what structures are causing you pain now) as well as your underlying dysfunction (why are those structures causing pain). Common conditions treated every day by our physiotherapists are sciatica, lateral epicondylagia (tennis elbow), patello-femoral pain, ACL rehabiltiation, ankle sprains, hamstring tears, cervicogenic migraines, whiplash and chronic lower back pain. At your first consultation a thorough assessment will determine the cause of your problem and identify the specific treatment strategy that will work best for you. Our physiotherapists in Liverpool use some of the following techniques Active release techniques Dry needling Kinesiotape Sports taping Mulligans technique McConnells taping Trigger point therapy PNF stretching Mckenzie treamtent Joint manipulation Motor control retraining (SFMA protocols) Corrective exercise for biomechanical changes Sports performance retraining We teach self management techniques including stretches, mobility exercises, self release with foam rollers and with trigger point balls. We also perform casting for fracture management, gym based rehabilitation after work injury, whiplash after motor vehicle accident and post natal physiotherapy for abdominal diastisis Activ Therapy physiotherapists provide Liverpool residents with treatment under all major health schemes including all private health funds, workers compensation, compulsory third party, department of veteran affairs and medicare chronic disease care plans (bulk billed). Contact your Liverpool physiotherapist today and ask how physiotherapy can help you live a healthier and happier life.

    Physiotherapists in Moorebank

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    Activ Therapy Moorebank

    Shop 14B Moorebank Shopping Village42 Stockton Ave, Moorebank NSW 2170 Australia

    Activ Therapy Moorebank is a physiotherapy and chiropractic practice providing care for patients with musculoskeletal, sports, post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain and injury. We provide chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy and exercise physiology to Moorebank and the surrounding suburbs. You will find us conveniently located inside Moorebank Shopping Village inside Moorebank Shopping Village Medical Centre. Our team includes both male and female chiropractors and physiotherapists as well as massage therapists and exercise physiologists who provide a range of health and wellness. Our services include group exercise classes for chronic injury (as part of our Activ 4 Life), one to one rehabilitation, work injury recovery and personal training as well as hands on personalised physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists treat a variety of muscle and joint problems including pregnancy related low back pain, migraines, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and rotator cuff injuries. Contact us today and find out to see our hands on physiotherapist or find out about our exercise based solutions for pain and injury.

    Physiotherapists in Prestons

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    Activ Therapy Prestons

    Suite D2D Prestons Shopping Village57 Minnamurra Circuit (entry via Wroxham St), Prestons NSW 2170 Australia

    Welcome to Activ Therapy Prestons! Activ Therapy Prestons is a team of expert Physiotherapists in Prestons with years of extensive experience in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, dry needling, chronic disease management and more. Our clinic was started in 2019 to help others live a healthy, drug-free and independent lifestyle by delivering high quality and effective Physiotherapy care. We’re sick of people destroying their bodies with medications they don’t need We’re sick of seeing people suffer in pain and being told “it’s just old age” and “there’s nothing you can do about it” We’re sick of people giving up and just accepting “that’s the way it’s going to be” That’s why we use a wide variety of effective techniques so that you’re able to return back to sport, maintain your mobility and independence, get rid of your pain medications and stop wasting hours sitting in that waiting room. Our services include Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, dry needling, chronic disease management, pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, with our specialty lying in helping those with musculoskeletal conditions such as: Lower back pain (including sciatica, disc bulges, joint and ligament sprains) Neck pain and headaches Shoulder conditions (including tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff tears, dislocations) We are conveniently located in Prestons Shopping Village. We proudly serve the Prestons area and surrounding suburbs, including Edmondson Park, Carnes Hill, Cecil Hills, West Hoxton, Middleton Grange, Leppington, Horningsea Park and Denham Court. We’ve been serving this community for over 4 years now under our mother clinic, Activ Therapy Casula, which is now approaching 50+ positive reviews. ? If you’re ready and committed to improving your life, regaining your independence and getting rid of those pain medications, we’re ready to help you!

    Physiotherapists in Revesby

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    Pro-Fit Physio & Allied Health Centre

    7 Revesby Place, Revesby NSW 2212 Australia

    Pro-Fit Physio & Allied Health Centre has been a trusted service provider and important part of the Revesby community and surrounding suburbs including Padstow and Bankstown for more than 14 years. During this time, Pro-Fit has experienced significant growth, which has recently been reflected in a move to larger premises, the expansion of services and a change of name. Pro-Fit is a multidisciplinary health centre, offering an extensive range of specialist skills and services. These skills and services include sports injury treatment, paediatric physiotherapy, lymphoedema clinic, women's health clinic, hydrotherapy, deep tissue massage, dry needling and comprehensive foot analysis, incorporating GaitScan. We also offer psychology services (including children's psychology), dietetics, personalised gym programs, Pilates classes and other fitness classes. Pro-Fit is open from 8:00am to 7:00pm on weekdays and from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays and is based in Revesby and is well positioned to serve the Padstow and Bankstown regions. Same day appointments can often be organised. Appointments are preferred so that patients can be allocated the appropriate length of time for specialists to assess and meet their treatment needs. Bulk billing is available on weekdays only between 9:00am and 4:00pm for those on Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) and Mental Health Care Plans. Pro-Fit accepts all health funds and is a preferred provider for BUPA. HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities are available on site. WorkCover, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) cases and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) referrals are accepted.

    Physiotherapists in Sans Souci

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    Activ Therapy Sans Souci

    438 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci NSW 2219 Australia

    Welcome to Activ Therapy Sans Souci. We are your local provider for physiotherapy and chiropractic services for Sans Souci, Ramsgate and Dolls Point. We offer treatment using hands on techniques to get fast results and specific corrective exercise to achieve lasting change. Our approach is to identify the underlying cause the pain rather than treating only the symptoms so not only will you feel better immediately but we will provide you with lasting solutions for the long term. We treat a range of conditions including, rotator cuff injuries, lower back pain and sciatica, knee mensicus and patella disorders, whiplash and neck strain, hip impingement and post sugery rehabilitation. Our key area of treatment is the assessment and correction of biomechanical imblalances that underping a lot of the muscle and joint pains that are common. We also provide assessment and treatment for all age groups including children, pensioners, athletes and workers. Our clinic offers treatment under all private health funds as well as enhanced primary care under medicare (EPC), department of veteran affairs, workers compensation, NDIS and compulsory third party. ? Contact us and chat to a team member today about how we can help you.

    Physiotherapists in Wolli Creek

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    Movement 101 (Wolli Creek)

    Shop 53, 95 Bonar street, Wolli Creek NSW 2205 Australia

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