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InSight Psychology

InSight Psychology

2 / 49 Ocean Street, Woolgoolga NSW

There are many reasons why people may benefit from working with a Psychologist. At InSight Psychology, we offer individual psychological treatment for adults and a broad range of common child /adolescent emotional, behavioural, and social therapies for concerns including: -Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. - Adjustment difficulties including grief/loss, attachment and family separation. - Social skill development tools such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence and resilience building. - Behaviour challenges including anger/aggression and risk taking. - Specialization in working with people who have high functioning autism spectrum disorder. A ‘toolbox’ of evidence based practices are utilized by our psychologist with a strong emphasis on Mindfulness, Short-Term Solution Focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), art/expressive therapies and play based interventions. Our approach to child counselling therapy is based on successful, well established methods that greatly benefit the individual and our clinicians ensure that where in the best interest of your child, parents will be included or informed throughout the process. We can also assist parents with tools to assist with their child’s issues and to improve their relationship with their child when needed.Therapy is provided online via a Zoom link in the comfort of your own home which makes it easier for you to attend sessions and easier to get your child/adolescent to engage without the hassles of transporting them to an appointment. We believe in the importance of early intervention as an essential part in assisting the prevention of additional future issues and we work collaboratively with caregivers to recognize the important role that the parent/child relationship plays in improved well-being. We also endeavour to connect with the school(s) to ensure the child/adolescent is supported in every environment. For adolescents, there are significant hormonal, mental and physical developmental changes that occur in people between the ages of around 10 to 20. These factors together with peer pressure and the academic expectations young adults face all have the capacity to affect their self-confidence and overall well-being. Many issues can be worked through by the individual with the support of family and friends, however sometimes professional expertise and assistance is required through counseling. Individual counseling will typically last 50 mins either in a weekly or fortnightly session, with realistic and recommended time frames for treatment discussed after the initial assessment has been completed (first 1-2 sessions).

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