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    Haven Psychology

    303 Coronation Drive, Suite 6.01, 6th Floor, Milton QLD 4064 Australia

    Haven Psychology believes in an inclusive, warm, compassionate, and friendly environment for all our clients and team members. We want your story to be one of healing, change, growth and meaning. For this to be truly effective, the best outcomes are dependent on the relationship between you and your therapist. We care because you matter. Haven is a place where you can belong and not have to work at fitting in because life is hard enough. When you have that therapeutic connection with your therapist, you feel heard and validated. When you open up to trusting your most vulnerable self to your therapist, healing may sincerely begin. Connection, compassion, empathy, respect, genuineness and transparency allow us to help each other heal and thrive. This therapeutic relationship will help you fill the gaps and understand the plot twists in your story. The built trust and alliance will help shift the shame, guilt, and blame you may feel towards one of understanding, purpose and meaning. This client-centred connection will enable you to re-script your story whilst honouring your history. We provide individual, ?relationship, family and group therapy in the most effective and contemporary evidence-based strategies within an emphatic and empowering therapeutic environment. Our therapy sessions can be conducted in-house, online and by phone through video conferencing. All of our team members are registered with their professional Boards, and have years of experience in the field of mental health, wellness, and relationships.?

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