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    Julia McKenzie Palmer - All Psychology

    543 Ipswich Road, (rear of building, upstairs), Annerley QLD 4103 Australia

    Welcome I congratulate you for taking time out in this hectic world with its many demands to search for more for your life - whether it is more meaning, more peace, more contentment, more humour more relaxation or more connection with yourself. You may be on an deep, inner search or looking to improve your relationship with others as a couple, family or workplace. You may be searching for help to recover from a traumatic event or the loss of a relationship or death of a loved one. You may be looking for some light in the darkness of depression. You may be exploring new career options. I believe that all people have the right to seek happiness and fulfillment in their personal and work lives and that all of us at times need support and help to find clarity, direction and healing along our way. I also believe that psychologists can facilitate healing and growth through the process of empowering people to take responsibility for their life and choices.

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