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    Physiotherapists in Alexandria

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    Body Active Physiotherapy - Alexandria

    Body Active Physiotherapy, 90-96 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia

    ABOUT US However traumatic or niggling your injury, at Body Active Physiotherapy we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, explanation and plan to treat the injury to maximize your movement and get you back to sports, work or where ever you want to go. At Body Active Physiotherapy we are committed to providing hands on, one to one treatment with our focus firmly on your injury and road to recovery. We are expert in the diagnosis of movement dysfunction and the analysis of how the pain began and how to assist in achieving normal movement and function.

    Physiotherapists in Botany

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    Movement 101 (Botany)

    1421a Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019 Australia

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    Physiotherapists in Marrickville

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    Movement 101 (Marrickville)

    Shop 2, 198 Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW 2204 Australia

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    Physiotherapists in Mascot

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    Body Active Physiotherapy - Mascot

    Level 4, 244 Coward St, Mascot NSW 2020 Australia

    Physiotherapy is a natural hands-on health modality to treat injuries and dysfunctions of muscles, joints and other parts of the muscular or skeletal system. Physiotherapists help by improving the way the body functions through movement aided by hands on treatment along with exercise. Physiotherapists are expert in the diagnosis of movement dysfunction and the analysis of how the pain began and how to assist in achieving normal movement and function. At Body Active we are committed to providing hands on one to one treatment with our focus firmly on your injury and road to recovery.

    Physiotherapists in Rosebery

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    Gardeners Road Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

    373 Gardeners Road, Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia

    Physiotherapists in Surry Hills

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    Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre

    Ph: 92641639Shop 2, 6-18 Poplar Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia

    Nestled in the heart of Sydney, Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre has been serving the local community since 1994. Our philosophy and care is based on the premise that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating entity. When cut, the body heals itself; when cold the body shivers to warm up. The practitioner can only facilitate this innate process, eg. cleaning the wound for a better heal. By helping restore mechanical function to the spine and peripheral joints, we enhance the body’s healing and self-regulating capacity. At Darlinghurst Chiropractic Centre we understand that many health issues are best served by a multidisciplinary approach and as the oldest chiropractic centre in Darlinghurst, we have long-standing relationships with local healthcare professionals including GPs, Pharmacists, Personal Trainers, Podiatrists, Dentists, and Doctors of Chinese Medicine. Our aim is to utilise this network to ensure everyone receives the care they need and at the time they need it.

    Physiotherapists in Sydney

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    Physico City Physiotherapy

    175 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

    Have you suffered a sprain whilst playing a sport? Or maybe you’ve tweaked your back muscles while lifting a heavy object during your move. Maybe you even have hairline fractures in your shin bones caused by frequent running on hard surfaces. Treatment for all of these injuries falls under the umbrella of physiotherapy. PhysiCo City offers professional physio treatments in Sydney and Sydney CBD. Physiotherapists are often referred to as ‘movement specialists’. They are trained to assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions that affect physical function. Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuroscience and physiology to develop their skills in the area of injury management; A typical Physiotherapy session will include diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education for prevention of all future injuries, disorders and disabilities. A variety of manual therapy techniques are administered using a hands-on approach combined with an exercise prescription program. Every session is tailored to each individual clients needs. PhysiCo City has been established in Sydney’s CBD for over 10 years and over 15,000 clients have been treated in this time. With an emphasis on running on time, providing effective treatments in a clean and private environment our Physiotherapy services are a must if you desire to keep your body running in optimal condition. Regardless of your activity level, ranging from an elite athlete, a team player, a weekend warrior, or a light hobbyist, you can be confident that you are in expert hands with our PhysiCo City Physiotherapists. You shouldn’t have to deal with pain in your musculoskeletal system, no matter how minor the pain feels at the moment. Our team of professionals is ready and willing to help you heal from previous injuries so that you don’t have to feel pain anymore. Plus, we’ll work with you on a personal level to help you avoid future injuries. If you want a physiotherapy service with trained experts, give us a call today on (02) 9267 3775 to book your appointment. You’ll be glad you did.


    Urban Physiotherapy

    Level 5, 71 Walker St, North Sydney, Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

    Urban Physiotherapy is a registered allied health provider combining experience and skill with state of the art facilities and equipment in North Sydney. Our goal is to assist our clients with their health and well being so that they can continue to do the things they love. ?

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