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    Psychologists in Chatswood

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    Holistic Health Solutions

    Suite 54, 47 Neridah St, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia

    I am a registered psychologist with over 20 years experience in the field. I have worked in private practice in Chatswood since 1999. In addition to my psychology training, I have completed a Diploma in Sexual Health Counselling and a comprehensive one-year training course in Ellyn Bader’s Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. I am an accredited sexuality therapist and I am skilled in dealing with sexual functioning issues (low libido, orgasm difficulties, physical pain during sex, performance anxiety, ejaculation problems), the psychological repercussions associated with sexual and physical traumatic events, and compulsive sexual behaviours. I use a holistic approach which combines behavioural, interpersonal and mind-body therapies. I can help you to locate the underlying emotional and physical responses to a particular problem, working at a deep level with both mind and body in order to effect long-lasting change. I utilise my training in Inner Space Techniques - a form of meditative body-oriented therapy that helps to access these core emotional undercurrents within the body. I am also able to help you process and regulate your emotions, understand negative patterns of behaviour, develop better communication strategies and increase body awareness. I am experienced in working with a range of client presentations, including depression, anxiety, grief, stress and anger. As a relationship counsellor, I am able to support couples through all sorts of relationship issues, including infidelity, intimacy, arguments and communication problems. I have experience working with complex trauma, especially in the area of sexuality. I am guided by the principles of trauma-informed counselling practice and work towards creating safety; self-paced learning; and consolidating your progress. I start by creating a safe therapeutic space so that you feel physically and emotionally safe. My clinic room is located in a quiet inner courtyard sheltered from street noises and passing traffic. I facilitate bodily wellbeing with body-oriented methods to help you begin to feel safe in a bodily sense. You have control over the therapeutic process and are in charge of the pace of your healing and progress. To help you feel more stable, I provide “here and now” grounding techniques to generate centred connection within. Working on the trauma, I will validate your responses to the particular traumatic events you have experienced, such as the flight, fight & freeze responses, or triggers and flashbacks. Together we will develop tools and techniques to orient back to the present moment. By generating awareness of patterns of avoidant behaviour you can begin to address these, consolidate your strengths, develop self-care protocols, and build trust in yourself again. The combination of my skill sets allow me to offer a broad range of therapeutic methods and holistic interventions. You will see for yourself what prevents you from having the sex life you want. Your concerns are addressed from a psychological and body-oriented level where lasting changes can take place.

    Psychologists in Cremorne

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    John Harradine

    4/350 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090 Australia

    You may find your oh so busy lives and related demands lead you to be pre-occupied with any of worry, guilt, resentment, irritability, frustration, tiredness and exhaustion. You may also be resistant to seeking professional support perhaps viewing it as a sign of weakness or failure. Albert Einstein suggested that "The thinking that got us here isn't the thinking that will get us out of here" (paraphrased). Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy are no longer confined to the provinces of temporary personal challenges and chronic mental illness. Here is an excerpt from one of my clients who has worked extensively with me and was prompted to go public with her experience and write an article about it: “I finally understand that no one in this world has the power to make me feel anything. I create, promote and allow the feelings and behaviours that I want in my life and I give to myself the things that I want to experience...... Knowing that no one external can take that feeling away is liberating.” This is an example of the benefits people share with me about my work with them. Beyond releasing burdens I assist you to build tools that sustain more understanding, joy, spontaneity, enthusiasm, loving and inner peace; a supportive pathway to better life choices. Read more testimonials on the "About John " page. In our work together you can claim back your life in ways that support you and the ones you love; a sense of renewal emerges no matter how challenging your situation seems; relationships are healed as you see them through new lenses; family dynamics transform creating deeper more loving connections notwithstanding the upsets, conflicts and dramas that have gone before. Life just gets better no matter your starting point.


    Kim Hopson

    Suite 15, 287 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090 Australia

    Hello and welcome. I’ve been a psychologist in private practice for over 25 years. Prior to this I was trained and worked in Early Childhood Education as a teacher, director, and later as an advisor. I’ve also taught in Adult Education, worked in Community Mental Health and University Counselling. I first discovered psychology at teacher training college. Then, after working initially with young children, travelling extensively overseas, meeting and working with people from all walks of life, I became interested in how we all navigate life’s challenges – what makes us ‘tick’ – and decided to make psychology my profession. During these years I’ve also been a field supervisor to students undertaking the Master of Counselling programme at Macquarie University and a board member of Miroma, an organisation that provides day programmes for adults with disabilities. I feel very honoured to accompany my clients on their journey through painful or traumatic events, witnessing the transformation. This is a fulfilling process for both of us.

    Psychologists in Crows Nest

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    Elton del Cid Psychology

    2/35 Hume Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia

    Practice Profile Description

    Psychologists in Gordon

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    Amazing Ageing Psychology

    Gordon Executive Centre Suite 1A Level 2, Gordon NSW 2072 Australia

    Amazing Ageing Psychology was established by Jane Turner, a Senior Clinical Psychologist with over 20 year’s experience working with older people. Having acquired a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and a Masters of Clinical Psychology from Macquarie University, Jane is passionate about improving the mental health and quality of life of older Australians. Jane loves her work and is committed to empowering people as they age. Old age doesn’t have to be all about sickness, disability, depression or institutionalisation. Old age can be amazing! Jane and her team at Amazing Ageing Psychology offer expert Clinical Psychological Assessments (including cognitive and behavioural) and evidence-based therapy for individuals; education and counselling for families; and professional education and training for residential care staff to help them understand and manage the unique psychological challenges of their ageing residents.

    Psychologists in Hornsby

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    Stephanie Turnbull Psychology

    The Madison Building, Suite 17, Level 1, 25-29 Hunter Street, Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia

    Stephanie is a registered psychologist and full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) with over 15 years experience providing one to one counselling and consulting services. Stephanie utilises a number of therapeutic approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and Solution Focussed Therapy (SFT). She also works for Dementia Australia and is a subject matter expert on the National Dementia Helpline. Stephanie has experience dealing with common psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, trauma and grief. She provides private counselling and Employee Assistance Programs. She is registered with Medicare and DVA

    Psychologists in Lane Cove

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    North Sydney Psychologists

    3/90 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066 Australia

    Hi, I’m Ben Ebert a Psychologist based on Sydney’s North Shore at Lane Cove and my Psychology Practice is dedicated to the health and mental well-being of my clients. With over 18 years of experience and a strong practical and academic background in areas including Depression, Anxiety, Workplace Stress and Relationship Issues, I offer my clients a safe environment and sound psychological advice and guidance.

    Psychologists in North Sydney

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    Logic Lounge Psychology

    44 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

    At North Sydney Psychology, we believe that ‘We’re All Different’, each individual is unique, and we therefore tailor our approach to your specific needs and issues. We believe that we’re all different & at times it might be difficult to find the appropriate psychologist for your individual needs, hence we bulk-bill new clients with a valid Medicare Health Care Plan (no gap fee). Alexander is a highly professional and compassionate psychologist with over 14 years of experience in counselling psychology. Alexander has clinical experience providing psychological interventions to individuals, families and couples experiencing significant and longstanding difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, self-worth, grief and trauma. Alexander is genuine and passionate about supporting his clients. He takes a warm and non-judgmental approach in assisting his clients gain insight into their issues. Support is individually tailored so that clients find constructive ways to develop desired skills and navigate through challenges. Alexander employs an integrative therapeutic approach drawing on a variety of evidence-based techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, solution-focused therapy and emotion-based therapy. Working collaboratively with each client, Alexander seeks to increase an individual’s sense of confidence and presence, supporting them to live life to the full. Alexander obtained a Bachelor and Masters in Psychology in the United Kingdom, as well as a Masters of Counselling Psychology from Swinburne University in Victoria, Australia. Alexander is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). He has gained experience across a variety of settings including community health services, private practice, mental health services and university counselling environments.

    Psychologists in Wahroonga

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    Rhona Barker Psychology

    Suite 1C, 1-5 Railway Ave, Wahroonga NSW 2076 Australia

    Rhona Barker has been in private practice in Wahroonga since 2009. Rhona doesn’t believe that any one psychological approach fits all but instead endeavours to discover with the client what works best for them. Rhona accepts referrals via patient delivered letter or fax but preferably via Argus.

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