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MyHealth1st supports more Allied Health professionals than any other online booking and healthcare support platform in Australia. We support over 11,500 healthcare practices across the country, many of whom work within the Allied Health space. 

Discover how patient engagement through MyHealth1st will lead to healthier, happier patients and a more efficient and profitable practice.

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MyHealth1st is designed to help you better manage your daily schedules and patient engagement, helping you focus on patient/client care rather than office administration.

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Patients prefer the convenience and privacy of booking healthcare appointments online, in their own time. After over 12.5 Million bookings to date through our platform, we have seen that over 60% of all bookings are made after hours, and the majority of potential patients would prefer to be able to book on the spot rather than leave a voicemail message in the hope of a call back. 

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By joining MyHealth1st, you expose your practice to the hundreds of thousands of Australians using MyHealth1st to search for and book healthcare appointments online. This massive pool of potential patients search for appointments through MyHealth1st every month. If your profile isn’t listed, they’ll never be able to find your practice.

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Managed Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of any strategy to grow your practice, but if you’re not on top of targeting, retargeting, effective campaign composition and any changes to the Google and Facebook algorithms, it can prove to be a huge waste of money.

The marketing team at MyHealth1st understands the needs of Allied Health professionals and can create cost effective advertising campaigns perfect for your practice, helping you stand out from the competition, reach your target market and drive new patients to your door.

Google Ads

Ensure that your practice is the first thing that a patient sees when searching for healthcare. Managed campaigns also give you the ability to monitor and measure ROI and advertising spend.

Social Media Advertising

The team focuses on engaging the right people, with the right needs, in the right areas to book an appointment with your practice and start a lifelong health-care journey with you.

Our expert team has the knowledge to guide you in the right direction in all things digital, from checking that the ‘Book Now’ button is in the best position on your site to providing tips to help you optimise your site to improve rankings and boost 
organic growth.

Metrics that Matter

All marketing campaigns are rigorously tracked so that results may be monitored, optimised and successful. These findings will regularly be shared with your practice so you can see your return on investment.

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