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The Ultimate Guide to Telehealth

Australia reacted quickly and decisively in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, instituting lockdowns and strict social distancing measures. This action has had two palpable effects - limiting the number of COVID-19 cases experienced in the country and driving the Australian population online in numbers never seen before. The Internet has long been an integral part of modern Australian life, but the lockdown has made it an essential service, with people working, attending classes and shopping online more than ever. 

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Is a Phone Call Adequate For a Telehealth Consult?

Telehealth is currently available to all Australians, allowing them to access healthcare remotely. In many ways, Australians are early adopters of technology. We are a well connected nation when it comes to Internet access with more mobile accounts in the country than there are people. When it comes to telehealth, however, we haven’t done as well, with many healthcare practices conducting telehealth appointments just over the telephone instead. 


The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Uptake of Telehealth

Between May 14 and 24, 2020 a representative sample of 2,235 GPs and specialist practitioners completed the MABEL (Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life) COVID-19 Short Online Survey. This survey gauges a number of work and life factors for medical professionals, including finances, stress, support, how the pandemic has affected practice finances and the usage of telehealth.

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MyHealth1st Coviu Integration

Thanks to the secure integrations between MyHealth1st and Coviu, healthcare professionals can now add a Coviu waiting area or room link to their Telehealth appointments through MyHealth1st.