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Overcoming the COVID-19 Fear Factor: Tips for Getting Patients to Come Back to you Practice

Bookings for medical service are down across the board. While the restrictions put on the types of services and appointments that some healthcare modalities can offer definitely plays a part in the decreased number of patients seeking regular healthcare, another factor is at play. Fear. 


Why Telehealth is the Future of Australian Medicine

With the lockdown and social distancing rules in place, there has been an unprecedented, but necessary shift online in everyday life. While the Internet has long been an integral part of modern Australian life, the lockdown has made it an essential service, with people working, attending classes and shopping online more than ever before. 


Telehealth for Dentists

As of April 27, the ADA has lessened dental restrictions to level 2, allowing for procedures unlikely to cause aerosols and have presence of limited saliva or blood. Telehealth can be an invaluable tool for dentists to connect with and triage patients before appointments to gauge urgency of care and whether any restrictions might apply as well as for offering aftercare without the need for in-person appointments.


MyHealth1st Telehealth for Optometry and Ophthalmology

Recent changes to Medicare Benefits thanks to a $1.1 billion coronavirus program have radically changed the face of telehealth in Australia. Rather than being limited to remote communities and people with difficulty attending doctor’s appointments, now telehealth is bulk-billable and  available to all Australians. Telehealth gives eye health professionals and their patients a convenient and safe way to connect.