Create custom online surveys and gather valuable insights to help grow your practice and improve the patient experience.

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Create customised surveys to suit the needs of your practice

Build surveys specifically tailored to your practice, customising questions to gain the insights you want and to help generate greater patient awareness of your services.

Track Net Promoter Scores in real time

Survey every patient shortly after their appointment and collect NPS ratings while their appointment experience is still fresh in their mind.

Encourage return visits

Reward patient loyalty, mitigate poor perceived performance, or simply say thanks by sending a customised voucher after survey completion.

Increase word of mouth referrals

Inspire your most loyal patients to promote your practice across social media or via email with a simple share function.

Instant alerts & triggers

Receive instant alerts to follow-up your patients if they submit a low NPS score, request more information on an offer, or simply need to be contacted.

MyHealth1st works seamlessly with your existing practice management system

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