With MyHealthDiary, you can now take online appointments without needing a full Practice Management System. Set your availability, setup your treatments types, block unavailable times and more. MyHealthDiary also connects to third party calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, so whenever you get a booking it will appear in your schedule. Never miss a booking again!


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Online Bookings Without The Need for A Practice Management System

Not every practice uses a practice management system. This can make utilising an online booking platform difficult. With MyHealthDiary, once you have set up your availability and practice information, you are ready for online appointments!

iCal Functionality

With iCal it’s easy to link MyHealthDiary with your Google, Outlook or Mac calendar. All you need to do is download a file or copy a link, open it in your calendar and your availability, booked appointments and other details will be there at your fingertips.

Show Availability

MyHealthDiary allows you to easily set up your availability for online bookings as well as block unavailable times. It doesn’t matter if your unavailability is regular, such as lunch breaks or weekly meetings, or ad-hoc - setting unavailable times blocks those times in your calendar, ensuring that nobody can book an appointment in those slots.

Avoid Double Booking

If a patient books an appointment by phone or some other manner than an online booking, MyHealthDiary allows you to manually book them into your diary in a few easy steps. When you manually book an appointment, the availability slot is automatically filled in both MyHealthDiary and your standalone diary, so there’s no risk of double booking that slot.

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