MyHealth1st Telehealth for Practices FAQs

Is there a directory listing of telehealth practitioners?

The MyHealth1st booking platform lists every provider on MyHealth1st offering telehealth and can filter by telehealth. We have also launched This site takes users to a direct telehealth search on the MHealth1st platform. 

What kind of services can I provide through telehealth?

Services that can be offered differ depending on the nature of the healthcare practice. As a general rule of thumb, any type of healthcare that doesn’t require direct physical contact, intervention or specialist equipment can be carried out over telehealth. For more specific information on individual healthcare modalities, please see the following pages:

How private is a telehealth session?

Depending on the platform you choose there may be privacy or security concerns that need to be tackled. Ideally, a practice should use a secure end to end telehealth solution, such as the MyHealth1st browser-based, encrypted and fully secured solution. Our telehealth service works with most browsers and is fully encrypted so you can conduct a consult without fear of a patient’s privileged information being released.

Can I add an interpreter, family member or carer to a telehealth appointment?

Up to four people can be involved in a consult using the MyHealth1st telehealth service and built-in tools such as a whiteboard, file transfer and screen sharing allow you to interact with patients in a meaningful way.

What happens if the patient or I are running late?

The links for the telehealth appointment are active from 10 minutes before the start of the appointment to 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the appointment: if the appointment is scheduled for 1:00pm to 1:30pm, then the links would be active from 12:50pm to 1:45pm.

If you can’t make the appointment you can cancel and schedule a new appointment through MhHealth1st.

What equipment do I need?

No matter what telehealth platform you are using, you will need a device connected to a camera and microphone. There are no required specifications for camera and microphone, but we recommend a camera with decent resolution and a microphone that delivers clear audio.  While some telehealth platforms require you to download and set up third party programs or apps, the MyHealth1st telehealth service is entirely browser based, so will run through the Internet browser on your computer. 

What happens if the appointment is interrupted or I lose connection?

You can reconnect to the session using the original link. The link is live until 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the session. If you cannot reconnect in time, you will need to reschedule/book a new session with the patient.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule an appointment online through the StandAlone Diary on MyHealth1st. Currently you cannot cancel and reschedule directly through your PMS but we are working on an update to add that functionality.

To cancel and reschedule an appointment you must first cancel the appointment then book a new one. This means that the patient will receive two confirmation emails - one for the cancellation and another for the new appointment. We are also working on an update to allow for straight rescheduling.

What do I do if my patient has not joined the session at all?

As the telehealth session doesn’t commence until both parties have clicked their unique link, you will be left in the waiting room if the patient fails to click their link. Here you can listen to music or let it idle in the background as you do other work. 

How long should I wait for the other party to join? Is there a time limit?

The links to the appointment are live until 2 hours after the scheduled end of the appointment. 

What do I do if my Camera does not work or if I can’t see the other person?

It is always advisable to test your equipment before an appointment but if you have problems, especially with USB devices, the fastest way to reboot them is to unplug them and then plug them back in. If that does not work check your computer settings to ensure that your microphone and camera are the default visual and audio interfaces.

If you are having trouble hearing or seeing a patient, the “Request a camera” tool. This tool can guide a patient in how to set up or optimise a camera. 

Do I need special requirements for my computer to have a successful Telehealth session?

Aside from having a working microphone and camera, there are few technical requirements to have a successful telehealth session. A stable and fast Internet connection is preferable, but depending on time, location and infrastructure this may not always be possible. As the MyHealth1st telehealth service is browser based, there is no need for third party programs, but some older browsers may have problems with the service. As such, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser for telehealth consults

Will I need to put these consult types into my practice management system as some of these may vary from our usual consults?

Aside from setting up a telehealth consult type in your PMS, there is no need to put multiple consult types into the management system. It is recommended,however, that you list the kinds of telehealth appointments you take on your MyHealth1st profile.

Am I able to state how much the consult will be so people will know this as they book?

Yes, you can state the consult price. There is a practice policy section in the widget you can use to include information about Cancellation, Payment, and Other.

Can I also have an email confirmation of any bookings made, come to my personal email address as this is the main one that I check at this time while working remotely?

By default emails are sent to the practice email address. Please note that if we change the email to your own, then all booking confirmation emails will be sent to your email address. This could impact other practitioners who are set up in the system. If you would like to proceed with this option our support team can update the email address.

Can I select certain times of the day for telehealth appointments only

Telehealth follows the same appointment schedule as all other appointments.

How do I tell my patients that TeleHealth is now available?

The easiest way to inform your patients that you are now offering telehealth services is to create a campaign in EasyRecalls to send an email/SMS with all the relevant information.

I clicked the link and there and an error page appeared. 

If you clicked the link and an error message appears this may mean that the link is not live yet. Simply close the window and click the link again.

If a patient calls the practice, how can I initiate a telehealth appointment? 

Telehealth consults need to be booked online, so you can direct your patient to, search for your name and book an appointment with you in the next available appointment slot.

How do I check which version browser I have?

The way to check the version number varies between browsers, but an easy way to check is to use an online service such as whatsmybrowser . Clicking on the link will analyse your device and tell you which browser and version you are using.

Can I take private consultation payments via TeleHealth?

Yes you can. Currently, the payment method is determined by the practice. We also have integrated payment options available via our MyHealthPayments service. With EasyTelehealth you can take Medicare and DVA claims as well as credit card payments online.

How do I launch the TeleHealth consultation?

You can launch the session by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Confirmation emails are directed to the practice email address, so it would have to be forwarded to you by the practice manager. We are working on functionality that will send the confirmation email direct to your email address. THis will be available as soon as it is feature complete and tested.

Alternatively, you can log into the bookings report page of your MyHealth1st account. There you will find a button to launch the session as well.

For more information on how to step up telehealth or how to manage telehealth appointments click here.

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